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worst energy. >> a building collapsed unexpected in philadelphia and a dederecho last year that left thousands in our area withoutwiu power. there's never a shortage of emergencies or disasters. now there's no shortage ofge information and training on how to survive. >> we put small fires, how to h deal with medical situations, also, we teach them how to to medical triage. >> reporter: dalton haw hawkis runs the program, it's as a federally funded program taughtt nationwide for free. anyone can sign up for the training which involves eight lessons over 20 hours. and it can be a mind changing experience. >> this empowered you to go from a point of thinking that you'ret a victim to thinking you cancan assist, not just yourself but others to respond to any emergency or disaster.or >> reporter: volunteers learnvu what to do until emergency responders arrive. they're taught in the classrooml and with realtime emergency drills. >> search and rescue, if you ca hear me, please come to me. >> found. >> reporter: this drilldrill simulated a tornado with a partial building collapse. coll >>
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1